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Japan-Africa Baseball & Softball Foundation (J-ABS)

J-ABS is a non-profit organization who offers programs for human resource development of African youth through Japanese-style baseball & softball.

About Us

Our Mission

Create a bright future for Africa and Japan through the “VALUE of BASEBALL”

 - VALUE1. Create democracy (an equal society)

 - VALUE2. Develop human resources

 - VALUE3. Create peace

Our Vision

  1. ​To develop human resources among African youth, contributing to peace and prosperity in Africa

  2. To promote baseball and softball in Africa

  3. To become a bridge between Africa and Japan

*”Baseball” = baseball + softball




Former National Baseball Team Manager in Africa (Ghana, Tanzania and South Sudan)

Our Project

Press Conference together with African Ambassadors in Japan

Africa 55 KOSHIEN Project

J-ABS offers programs to encourage African youth to learn “Discipline, Respect and Justice” through Japanese-style baseball & softball. This is called “Baseballership Education”. We believe it will help African youth to better build life skills and help the society prosper in a sustainable way.

Main Content

•To help Prepare a Playing Environment – ground preparation and equipment

•To provide Education Methods & Knowledge – “Baseballership Education”

•To create Opportunities – “Koshien” National Tournament


*”Koshien” = The name of a famous Japanese National High School Baseball Championship. All young players throughout the country practice very hard to participate in it.

Our Partners


Our activities are supported by various types of wonderful partner companies and individuals, called “Dream Partners”.

  • Executive Dream Partner:

    • Mr. Hideki Matsui

  • Special Dream Partner:

    • Matsui 55 Baseball Foundation

  • Corporate Dream Partner:

    • MERGERICK inc.


    • Rotary Club of Osaka-North

    • Sugai Pediatric Clinic

  • Individual Dream Partners


Mr. Hideki Matsui

A world-famous ex baseball player in the U.S. and Japan

s_j_20211206_0251 - コピー.jpg

Our Partnership in Africa


J-ABS is currently active in collaboration with several Baseball/Softball federations in: 

Burkina Faso, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Sudan and Tanzania

(in alphabetical order)

Our History


25+ Year Activities in Africa

J-ABS has its history of 25+ years in 8 countries in Africa, including the former NPO “The Association for Friends of African Baseball (AFAB)”.

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